North Carolina Middle School Choral Section


Hello Middle School Choral Directors,

My name is Robert Waller and I am the Honors Chorus Coordinator.  I am happy to be in this position and will do my best to make sure that Honors Chorus runs smoothly.  I know that I will make mistakes, but know that I will learn from them.

If you are new to the middle school section, WELCOME!!!  Please know that we are a BIG family and want to do all we can to make you feel a part of it.  If you have questions regarding Honors Chorus please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer all of your questions.

Please make sure that everyone becomes familiar with the website as it will be your “go to” place to find out important information about Honors Chorus.  You will find information about the audition piece and where you can order from as well as updated information about Honors Chorus that has changed from previous years.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you READ all information thoroughly.

We have made changes and these can be found on the website.  You need to be responsible for you and your students at all times.  Make sure that you adhere to all deadlines regarding Honors Chorus.  Any forms not sent on time will be UNOPENED and RETURNED to you. 

My contact information is as follows:

Robert Waller
33 Drakes Meadows
Arden, NC 28704
828 – 687-1575 – home
828 – 712 -9834 – cell

I do ask that you do not call my home before 8pm as I have three young children that go to bed at 7:30pm.  This will give me time to get them to bed and asleep before the phone rings.


Robert Waller

The Audition Process

Every year, the Middle School Honors Chorus is held in November, performing at the North Carolina Music Educator’s In-Service Conference.  This chorus provides an opportunity for the very best singers from across the state (grade 6,7,8 and 9**) to come together and work with a nationally acclaimed choral conductor.  This year the chorus will be conducted by Francisco Nunez director of The Young People’s Chorus of New York.  The Honors Chorus will take place on November 12th and 13th, in Winston-Salem. As in previous years, the concert will be held in the Stevens Center.

Honors Chorus auditions are held in three regions across the state: West, Central, and East.  Normally, over 1,000 students audition for 160 member choir.  In order for your students to audition for honors chorus, they must sing their voice part of the selected audition piece.  You will need to determine if they are SI, SII, AI, AII, etc.  After you register using the form located on the website, your site chair will contact you with information about your students audition times and instructions.  Each student will audition in front of a single judge in a closed audition.  They will also sight-sing a short melodic exercise.  It is extremely important that your students are well prepared for this audition.  Only about the top 15% of auditioned singers will be selected for this prestigious choir.  Teachers are strongly encouraged to download the audition tracks in order to prepare their students for this audition.  It will also be the official recording used by the judges in their auditions.  All voice parts of all tracks are played on the piano.  Each of the first 4 tracks feature a voice part played louder than the accompaniment.  This is intended to teach students the notes on their parts.  The last track is the accompaniment track which will play during each student’s audition as they sing their part along for the judge.  To download go to  Download instructions are also linked to the Middle School Website.  ASU, UNCG, and ECU offer Honors Chorus Audition workshops which are very helpful in preparing your students for the audition.  Please see the link entitled “Audition Clinic Flyers” for more information.

The Honors Chorus Application Links are located at the bottom of this page. You will register your school in the school registration link once.  You will need to register each singer INDIVIDUALLY at the appropriate link.  The Honors Chorus Invoice sheet is located below and should be sent to your site chairperson at the address indicated.  The deadline for the invoice to be mailed is on or before September 15th.  That is the last possible day it can be postmarked or be accepted.  

Please do not wait until the last minute!  It is YOUR responsibility to see that the invoice is filled out correctly, signed by your principal, and included with a school or booster organization issued checks or money order for the fees due.  The audition fee is $15.00 per student.  Your school will not be registered until all singers are submitted online, and your invoice along with the check has been received by the site chairperson. All of this must be done by September 15th. 

Please note: all 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th graders in middle school or junior high schools may audition.  *****9th grade students in a high school are only eligible to audition for the High School Honors Chorus.  This chorus is for your BEST musicians and well behaved students.

Honors Chorus Registration

Honors Chorus School Registration:  To be completed once.

Honors Chorus Student Registration:  To be completed for each singer.

Honors Chorus Invoice:  To be submitted with check to site coordinator by September 15th.